DWG Valuation Department has more than 15 valuers with a combined experience exceeding 100 years in the field of valuation services. The services of the valuation department are very much sought after by the local banks and government agencies, international institutions as well as private individuals. The department also serves the needs internally by providing DWG clients and salespersons with accurate and timely valuation services. The department’s mission is to deliver valuation reports at competitive prices in the quickest response time without sacrificing on quality and accuracy.

Valuation Department Services include: 

  • Residential, commercial and industrial property valuation
  • Valuation of HDB flats and commercial units
  • Valuation of land parcels.
  • Collective sales valuation
  • Preparation of court documents for litigation and arbitration
  • Expert witness for litigation and arbitration
  • Rental valuation
  • Business and intangible assets valuation
  • Secured lending and mortgage valuation
  • Statutory acquisition valuation
  • Valuation advisory services